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High Tech…Low Touch

In a recent New York Times article, “Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle,” it was reported that more people are bringing their computers/work to bed.

Have things gone too far or what? Can our intimate relationships survive the invasion of these electronic devices? Is nothing sacred anymore? Our work has taken precedence over our relationships and sex lives.

Our beds, which are a place for us to relax and restore ourselves, are no longer held sacrosanct. We have been snatched by technology. These so-called labor- saving devices are taking over our lives and leaving us emotionally bankrupt. They have not only become a distraction, but also an avoidance of intimacy, quiet time in which to reflect or to simply daydream.

Remember daydreaming? Time to let our minds unwind and to do absolutely nothing. We are now filling up every spare moment with work or the illusion of “staying in touch” when in fact so much of our technology keeps us out of touch. Out of touch with ourselves, with genuine contact, with nature and with authentic intimacy.

Bringing your computer or Blackberry to bed is a way of having physical contact with your spouse or partner without really having to interact or connect. We are in proximity, but not truly relating.

We have reached the day of high tech and low touch and, as a result, we are losing something very precious. We’re losing track of our priorities and as a result our humanity.