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Stephanie Marston is America’s Foremost Work-Life/Stress Expert


How do you define success?

I guarantee a high-energy, dynamic program that is full of humorous, poignant stories and ideas that will change participants’ lives. However, the success is not tied to my performance. I measure the success of my programs by what the audiences does weeks, months and years after my program.

What are the unique strengths of your life balance programs?

The programs focus on innovative, practical strategies that are effective regardless of age, gender, marital status, children, or occupation. The greatest strength is that the strategies can be adapted to any life style and continue to work for years after the event. I guarantee that people will leave armed with tools they will actually use. The high- energy, interactive, humorous presentations connect people throughout the entire meeting. I teach people to make small, easy-to-implement changes that will have a big impact both at work and at home. I present strategies that can be incorporated into even the busiest schedules. In addition, the topic encourages spouses and partners to fully participate and feel like an integral part of the event.

The committee agrees that women will like the program, but will men relate to the ideas as well?

Absolutely! A CEO of a financial company commented to me after my program, “This was not a chick talk. I loved your speech because you gave us solutions--you know, men like solutions.” My experience has been that men are ready to make changes in their own way to achieve more balance. For those who disagree, I believe they are seriously underestimating men.

In a study released by University Communications, it was reported that 48% of men listed “having a life outside the office” as among their three most important goals, topping all others, including “building a sound financial base,” “having influence over corporate strategies,” and “reaching management levels.” In other words, men can benefit from this program as much as women.

Our company is very profit-oriented. Does your approach make good business sense?

A USA Today survey found that 75% of CEOs and 88% of middle managers listed balancing work and family as a major concern. More than 40% of employee turnover is due to job stress. This year, for the first time, male graduates of MBA programs listed work-life balance as their most important career goal.

How long are the programs?

My keynote presentation is 45-90 minutes. I also present half-day and all-day programs.

I often present the opening keynote and then conduct a panel discussion with key audience members. I also offer break-out sessions and/or present the closing session.

Can you conduct interactive programs?

Interactive programs are my favorite! The audience members inspire one another with their insights and creative ideas. Shoulders relax and camaraderie builds as participants, colleagues and business associates learn how much they have in common.

Do you customize your programs?

Yes. I will talk with you prior to your event to determine your group’s unique needs. Most importantly, however, the presentation uses universal principles that capture the imagination of the countless different lifestyles in the audience. Whether the attendees are single, married, widowed or divorced, whether they have big, little, grand or no children, whether they work inside or outside the home, as front-line employees or CEOs, my goal is to have each person feel that I am talking directly to them. My most common comment after my program is, “Did you secretly hide a video camera in my office/home? You described my life perfectly!”

What about the diversity of the groups you address?

I have spoken to groups around the world. My books are published in French, Italian, Dutch and German. They are distributed from England to Australia, to the Czech Republic to Singapore to Canada. The desire for life balance is universal.

We’d like to do something a little different at our event. Is that possible?

Yes! A unique and effective way to tie the message directly to your organization is to have me facilitate and/or participate a panel discussion with key members of your organization, following my keynote address. If this is of interest, I’d love to explore this opportunity with you.

Why is a book signing after your program such an advantage?

A book signing with the program is an ideal way for me to connect one-on-one with the audience members. Many people feel compelled to tell me what points really hit home and what they specifically plan to do. These conversations often provide the additional support and encouragement to further inspire participants to implement the needed changes in their lives.

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