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If Not Now, When?
Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

"Who am I really? What do I love? What are my own real needs and dreams?" These are just some of the defining questions women are asking.

Midlife is a wake-up call that requires that we pay attention to where we stand in our lives. It is a time of intense reevaluation. Yet it is also a time of immense opportunity. It is a time from which every woman can emerge a new person.

This transition is often characterized as a time of crisis, but it's more accurately a time of immense growth and renewal. With no maps for this second adulthood, this experiential program will provide a supportive environment in which women can explore how to make midlife one of the best times of their lives. The powerful messages will be remembered and used for years. This program is educational, inspirational, motivational and great fun.

Women Will Learn How to:

  • Become More Consciously in Charge of Their Lives
  • Rediscover Their Strength, Passion, Vitality and Wisdom
  • Banish Their Guilt Demons and Set Limits
  • Reap the Gifts of Midlife
  • Reconnect with Their Authentic Self