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Stephanie Marston is America’s Foremost Work-Life/Stress Expert

“Who am I really? What do I love? What are my own real needs and dreams?” In my book, If Not Now, When? Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife these are just some of the defining questions women are asking.

Midlife is often characterized as a time of crisis, but it’s more accurately a time of immense growth and renewal. Midlife is a wake-up call that requires that we pay attention to where we stand in our lives. It is a time of intense reevaluation. Yet it is also a time of immense opportunity. It is a time from which each of us can emerge a new person.

With careers already established and children often needing less attention, we can move beyond the roles of wife, mother, career woman, daughter to rediscover ourselves and a future brimming with tremendous possibilities. The self-confidence, depth and understanding and greater authenticity we can gain from this rite of passage is nothing short of remarkable.

Midlife can be one of the most profoundly significant times in your life. Now is the time to reclaim our long neglected passions and dreams. Now is the time to find our own voice and rediscover our strengths. Now is the time to recognize a more authentic self.

While there are no maps to this journey, the information you’ll find on this website will provide the reassurance and understanding that can help you make midlife one of the best times of your life.

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