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Stephanie Marston is America’s Foremost Work-Life/Stress Expert

I would like to thank you for the program you delivered at Mattel. It was a very informative and motivating session. I appreciate the great examples you brought to the discussion as well as great stories that made it all real. The feedback from the session was very positive. I am looking forward to other opportunities to work with you.

Graciela Meibar
Vice President Global Sales Training and Global Diversity
Mattel, Inc.


The Multigenerational Workforce
How to Overcome Differences, Build Rapport, And Communicate Effectively

The 4-Generation Workplace is Here to Stay...

This new multi-generation workplace is a complex and dynamic organism that requires flexibility and skill from everyone, especially from managers. Many organizations are sensitive to issues of diversity in race, culture and gender and have developed policies and programs to protect and promote diversity. To some extent, generational diversity has yet to be addressed. And yet in order to recruit and retain the best and the brightest this issue must be attended to.

As we look at the current labor market, in which the Traditional Generation delays retirement or returns to the workplace, Baby Boomers begin to retire, Generation Xers realign their work/family priorities and Generation Y enters the workforce with increased and distinctly different demands of their employers than those of previous generations, we are reminded about the challenges and opportunities of the multigenerational workplace.

All too often, people of different generations just don't see work (or life) the same way. Eliminating generational conflict is rooted in understanding what makes each tick. As the global marketplace expands, the talents of all generations must be leveraged and the behavioral and work/life balance challenges must be minimized to increase employee productivity and retention. In this engaging, interactive training Stephanie Marston will show you how it can be done.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the Formative Characteristics—Values, Attributes, and Work Styles of the 4 Generations
  • Key Facts About Generation X: Who They Are, What Makes Them Different, and How to Recruit, Motivate and Retain Them
  • Manage and Motivate Talent
  • Insure That the Knowledge and Experience of the Retiring Baby Boomers is Passed onto Younger Generations
  • Understand How Each Generation Approaches Communication and Problems Differently
  • Better Engage Employees for Measurable Improvement

The Multigenerational Workforce Training can be offered up to a half day in length and will help you understand the gulf that separates the generations and how to bridge the divide. It provides practical strategies to build a harmonious corporate culture where people of all ages can work side-by-side and draw from the rich mixture of skills and experience.