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Stephanie Marston is America’s Foremost Work-Life/Stress Expert

Welcome to The Balancing Act a free monthly newsletter for women of all ages.

Does your life feel chaotic and out of control? Do you continually feel overwhelmed and overextended? Is there too much to do and never enough time to do it? Does your side of the bed looks more like a command center than a place to relax? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in good company. Join the millions of women who are planning on running away from home by signing up for the first civilian flight to the moon!

While most of us can’t run away from home The Balancing Act will offer some practical information and hopefully some much needed relief.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom managing a household, a career woman balancing work and family, a single mom who is trying to fill in all the gaps or a woman who is simply tired of feeling like she’s living an overloaded existence The Balancing Act will unveil sensible secrets that will help you to value yourself, savor everyday experiences and find time to live with more joy, vitality and peace in the midst of a chaotic world. It will provide you with the keys to reduce stress and find greater balance in your complicated, stressful life.

It’s obvious, in hearing from so many of you that you often struggle to focus on yourself, your needs and your dreams. Much of our value as women has come from our ability to know what other people’s needs are and to fulfill them. It’s one of our talents as women.

Yet, from your emails, many of you want to bring yourself back into the equation. You want to begin to attend to your long neglected or forgotten needs and longings. You want to reinstate yourself at the center of your own life. But, in order for this to happen, you need to learn to balance your responsibilities to others with responsibility to yourself, obligations with enjoyment, work with play, activity with rest.

The Balancing Act is a gift from me to you. My hope is that once a month a newsletter will arrive in your mailbox and will inspire you to reduce your stress, restore your sanity, and find greater balance and fulfillment in your everyday lives.


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