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Stephanie Marston is America’s Foremost Work-Life/Stress Expert

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We all strive to achieve success in our careers while maintaining a meaningful personal life. However in our stress-filled, fast paced, 24/7 world this is an awesome challenge. Married or single, with kids or not, juggling work and family or corporate budgets people are struggling to keep their heads above the water of their lives.

But rest assured, there is an answer: StephanieMarston.com. This is a place that is dedicated to helping you create greater work-life balance.

Allow me let you in on a secret. You have the ability to balance your life and to set your own priorities. Your influence over yourself can be stronger than any other influence. The winds of materialism, information, technology, competitiveness, and busyness may swirl around you blowing you towards overload, stress and imbalance. But you have choices as to how you invest your time and energy each and every day. You have choices that will propel you toward a more meaningful, quality-driven life.

The solution to reducing your stress and creating greater balance in your life is selectivity--it's about choosing. It's not about getting more done, but being more selective about what you do. Remember choose quality rather than quantity.

Our choices determine how we live. We live in a time where being selective is more difficult than ever before. Choosing how you live, being conscious of how you spend your finite amount of time and energy is what I call work-life balance. Work-life balance is about doing what matters and devoting less of yourself to what doesn't. The secret to your creating a saner, more balanced life lies with you.

StephanieMarston.com is your home for a wealth of resources to reduce your stress, take charge of your life and make time for what matters most to you. Here you will find real-world help from America's Foremost Work-Life Balance Expert, Stephanie Marston, MFT.

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What People are Saying…

"WOW! The online course is great! The program was interesting, both visually and in content and it was very easy to use. I am excited about what you have created.

I am a 45-year old mother of two. With my job and work stress, your program has provided a respite from the daily grind. I suffer from chronic back pain, so the parts of your program that deal with self-care are a must for me. Thank you for the amazing work you do. Your program will make a huge difference in people's lives as it has done with mine."

— Julianne S

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